Rigorous targeting identifying underperforming
business assets with high potential.

Our approach

Industrie Invest’s proprietary analyses, rigorous processes and holistic due diligence optimise outcomes, turning suboptimal corporate assets into the leading performers in a business portfolio, and their markets.

Targeted search

Using proprietary analyses techniques, we profile and target underperforming businesses for acquisition. Each target must satisfy demanding criteria to qualify for our WeTurn 4.0TM programme.

Insightful due diligence

Once targeted, each asset is rigorously assessed by a holistic due diligence programme. Our approach is designed to pass only businesses and management teams capable of performance optimisation and accelerated recovery.

Sustainable turnaround

Using in-house and interim experts to support management teams, we create and apply cash generation and market leadership strategies that result in sustainable and customer focused performance improvements.

Headquartered in Switzerland near the financial centre of Zurich, with a presence in Paris and Luxembourg.

About us

Industrie Invest was founded in 2005, remains privately owned and operates globally as a leading boutique private equity partner and investor.

Rigorous processes

We have developed industry-leading processes, WeTurn 4.0TM programme. It enables us to profile, select, acquire and successfully turnaround suboptimal assets, taking them to investment readiness for the next profitable transaction.

Access to expertise

Our experienced cross functional and multidisciplinary team of in-house and interim specialists are trusted to deliver the capabilities and skills required to restore underperforming businesses to optimal profitability.

Risk sharing partnerships

Uniquely, we operate a risk-sharing business model that is dependent on trust and shared values. We only choose partners that complement our capabilities – financial and skills – to generate successful outcomes from our portfolio of companies.

A responsive and expert team that shares risk to
secure successful investment outcomes.

We seek

Industrie Invest profiles and targets for acquisition only the underperforming business units of European and North American corporations within specific industries or that operate process-based business models, and that satisfy our selection criteria.

Responsive industries

Only assets within key strategic sectors will be considered. These include: oil and gas, energy, natural resources, composite and nonferrous materials, aerospace, defence, automotive, rail, transport, industrial process and machinery, electrical/electronics and selected consumer goods.

Improvable processes

To be eligible, investment targets must feature improvable processes. These include: smart manufacturing, additive manufacturing, assembly, testing, cold formed parts, composite parts, electronic components, fasteners, forging, joining, machining, testing, mechatronics, net shaped parts and sensor technologies.

Reversible KPIs

Our proprietary processes evaluate targets using benchmark KPIs that can be reversed during business recovery. These include: sales greater than €10m; EBITDA -€5m – €10m; and 50+ employees.

We engage with multiple stakeholders to realise greater value from underperforming corporate assets.


Should you be talking to us?

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Are you an insolvency practitioner/administrator seeking a management team to turnaround your suboptimal assets, or to dispose of underperforming going concerns?

Could your skills and experience as an interim/freelance executive reinvigorate an ailing business so that it reaches its full potential?

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